Who was on the board of Blue Chip Stamps when Buffett owned its stock?

Blue Chip Stamps was first disclosed as a position of Berkshire in its 1972 10-K, as shown below:


Per the 1973 annual report for Blue Chip Stamps shown below, the following people were on the board of the company, including Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger:



1. Warren Buffett - personal investments

2. Z. Wayne Griffin - Chairman of Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles; real estate developer; personal investments

3. John P. Guerin, Jr. - General partner of J.P. Guerin and Co., investors; director of Pacific Stock Exchange, Inc.; Chairman of the Board of New America Fund, Inc.

4. Joseph P. Hughes - President of Hughes Markets, Inc.; Chairman of the Board of Certified Grocers of California, Ltd.

5. Emmett H. Jones - President of Terminal Oil Company, Industrial Engineering & Equipment Corporation and Westates Investment Co.

6. Donald A. Koeppel - Chairman of the Board and President of the Company

7. Charles T. Munger - General partner of Wheeler, Munger & Co., investors

8. William F. Ramsey - Executive Vice President of the Company

9. Ron Stever - Chairman of the Board of the Stever Companies, consulting actuaries and insurance brokers, and of Crescent Wharf & Warehouse Co.

10. Andrew J. Wolf - President of A & B Supermarkets, Inc.

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[2] Blue Chip Stamps 1973 Annual Report.